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Paxon acted as financial and transaction adviser on a new model for social and affordable housing delivery to St George Community Housing (SGCH), one of NSW’s largest Community Housing Providers.

Paxon advised on new models of delivery which could access additional capital, within the complexities and constraints of the social housing sector and the variety of funding and legislative requirements on providers.

Paxon developed a three phased strategy to develop and assess options for new models for housing delivery and operation.

The first stage assessed SGCH and their operating environment, needs and opportunities. The second phase identified and developed potential models which could be utilised in delivering additional housing, while requiring minimal capital contribution from SGCH.

Paxon then conducted a detailed market sounding process to test the concepts and parameters of these models with institutional investors, including debt and equity providers of varying natures.

SGCH Client

2020 Year

Sydney, NSW Location

Confidential Project Value

Financial and Transaction Adviser Roles

Key Outcomes

Paxon’s advice was presented to the SGCH Board, who endorsed the proposed strategy and implementation plan.

Paxon ensured the models could be tailored to the requirements of the institutional financiers, and that the model developed would be marketable and readily understood.

SGCH are now in the process of identifying suitable sites and project opportunities to commence implementation of the initial steps, with Paxon providing additional commercial and financial advice in these stages.

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