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Paxon provided fully outsourced internal audit services to a large metropolitan council in Perth, WA.

During this engagement, Paxon developed the strategic and internal audit plan for a 5 year period for Council.

This involved undertaking a risk setting strategy that assessed all business units within the City, identified high, medium and low risks and the appropriate controls associated with them.

Areas covered included operational/performance audits, financial audits, compliance audits (Regulation 17 and Regulation 5 reviews) and follow-up reviews.

The strategic audit plan ensured the City complied with the Local Government Act (1995) (WA), associated regulations, Department of Local Government and the guidelines provided by the Office of the Auditor General.


Metropolitan Council Client

2017 - 2021 Year

Perth, WA Location

Outsourced Internal Auditor Roles

Key Outcomes

Paxon completed the audit program over the 5 year period including procurement, rates and rates setting, Regulation 17 and Regulation 5 audits, corporate governance, risk management, reviews of IT and general controls, cash handling procedures and payroll.

The final report identified areas of risk and improvement for each business unit within the City.  Paxon then worked with the City to implement these business improvements.

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