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Paxon acted as financial and commercial adviser to NSW Treasury and Infrastructure NSW (INSW) to explore strategies for the delivery and management of school infrastructure, and to provide criteria for selecting delivery strategies to meet forecast school asset requirements in NSW.

The project aimed to assess the current schools’ infrastructure needs, provide an assessment of the various models available and identify an implementation plan for the models identified.

Alternative partnership models, including community and local government partnerships, were identified with potential value opportunities from these transactions noted for inclusion in a broader procurement model.

Paxon developed and applied new commercial and contractual models to an established Government function, being the delivery and ownership of schools.

Infrastructure NSW Client

2018 Year

Sydney, NSW Location

$7.7 billion Project Value

Financial and Commercial Adviser Roles

Key Outcomes

Paxon identified a new procurement strategy to address the $7.7 billion funding shortfall in the delivery of school infrastructure.

By demonstrating value in brownfields and greenfields developments within a pilot catchment, a net present cost (NPC) saving of 34% was calculated.

Paxon’s findings were critical in developing a new approach to school infrastructure delivery in NSW.

This included developing a designated arm of the Department of Education with responsibility for delivery and maintenance of school assets – School Infrastructure NSW.

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