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As a result of the COVID pandemic in March 2020, the Commonwealth Government suspended elective surgeries across Australia.

The New South Wales government committed to underpin the viability of private operators during the term in exchange for pandemic support services as directed by the States.

The NSW Health Covid-19 Partnership Agreement between State of NSW and individual Private Hospital Operators, normally an 18-month program of work, was developed by Paxon in 3 weeks.

Paxon coordinated and engaged with over 120 Private facility operators seeking to aid the State whilst also ensuring the financial viability of the private hospitals was maintained over the impacted period.

NSW Health Client

2020 - ongoing Year

Sydney, NSW Location

Financial and Commercial Adviser Roles

Key Outcomes

Paxon developed a Non-Binding Head of Terms agreement (to enable a processing of advance viability payment to operators), a Binding Head of Terms agreement, a full form agreement, payment mechanisms and processes.

It required the review, administration, negotiation and execution of two rounds of agreements representing close to 200 private facilities across the State of NSW.

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