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Paxon acted as commercial adviser to Primary Industry and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) for a potential water distribution and irrigation project to the Barossa Valley.

Estimates showed additional water to the Barossa and Eden Valley could generate $292 million for South Australia’s economy through securing existing vineyards and additional plantings.

Paxon was engaged to develop a commercial and market strategy to deliver new water to meet primary demand in the Barossa and Eden Valley.

Paxon undertook an extensive market sounding process to identify potential parties for participation and to inform the commercial definition of roles.

Primary Industries and Regions SA Client

2020 Year

Barossa Valley, SA Location

Confidential Project Value

Commercial Adviser Roles

Key Outcomes

Paxon’s work assisted PIRSA in attracting Federal funding for a detailed business case.

The detailed business case is now underway.

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