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Paxon acted as financial and commercial adviser to the Department of Premier and Cabinet (SA) to develop a scoping study for the proposed Adelaide International Centre for Hospitality, Tourism and Training.

The Adelaide International Centre is a component of the redevelopment of the Lot 14 site.

The new, fully integrated International Centre will be home to top-tier education, training and research providers that offer courses and programs to meet the growing demands of the global food, hospitality and tourism industries.

Paxon provided financial, commercial and economic advice to develop the scoping study, which was used by the Department to consider the potential to relocate TAFE and other training organisations from their current location in Regency Park.

Paxon also advised on potential commercial opportunities and procurement options, including the potential for private sector delivery and/or operation of the facility.

Department of Premier and Cabinet (SA) Client

2019 – 2020 Year

Adelaide, SA Location

Confidential Project Value

Financial and Commercial Adviser Roles

Key Outcomes

The State Government has committed $30 million to the International Centre project under the Infrastructure to the South Australian Economy initiative.

The Australian Government has also committed funding of $30 million as part of the Adelaide City Deal.

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