Mergers and Acquisitions | Paxon Group

Mergers and Acquisitions

Paxon provides clients with high-level mergers and acquisition transaction advice that seeks to add value to shareholders and investors and aligns to a company’s overall business strategy.

The group advises a broad range of corporate, private  and other organisations on the best way to achieve value through acquisition or divestment.

With companies facing numerous business structuring decisions throughout their lifecycle, Paxon is able to assist in this decision making by partnering with clients and developing a comprehensive understanding of their strategic priorities.


Paxon provides the following to its clients seeking to achieve value through transactions:

• Identification of appropriate acquisitions or merger partners;

• Sale and divestment of non-core interests;

• Valuation and identification of appropriate acquisition consideration;

• Negotiation assistance; and

• Liaison with strategic investors and market participants.