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Succession Planning

Our clients include small and large organisations, each possessing the same objective of establishing a more tangible and formal succession plan for their business.

We are able to assist family businesses to develop and work towards a set of goals that are clearly aligned to maximise business performance.  Our advisors are able to formulate plans which incorporate a number of key elements including business valuations and relevant generational policies.

Our experience has highlighted a number of issues relating to business succession planning, all of which can give rise to significant problems if not addressed and discussed from the outset.

Our Succession Planning team can provide advice on the following:

•  Personal planning and reviewing of future goals;

•  Setting and measuring expectations of family members;

•  Appointing family members to lead where appropriate;

•  Appointing relevant managers to manage processes;

•  Reviewing the role of extended families in the management process;

•  Managing business sale options;

•  Managing liquidity options;

•  Retirement planning;

•  Review of superannuation and tax related matters; and

•  Wealth management.