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Business Advisory

Paxon provides a complete set of business advisory services to organisations of varying sizes and scope.

Our advice spans the entire spectrum of advisory services by focusing on business and asset growth.  This is worked in collaboration with tax related planning to budgeting, development of accounting systems and related financial and accounting processes.

We are able to assist organisations requiring strategic advice relating to the development of key opportunities, as well as ensuring the business remains profitable, competitive and that returns are maximised to the owner.

Paxon can provide the following services:

• Business improvement services:

  • Business modelling and analysis;
  • Budget and cash flow reviews;
  • Rate of return analysis and benchmarking;
  • Strategic business planning.

• Developing and implementing management systems;

• Corporate tax planning;

• Remuneration planning and related tax guidance;

• Implementing corporate governance and attendance at directors’ meetings;

• Asset protection for individuals;

• Asset accumulation for individuals;

• Taxation effective investment advice; and

• Wealth creation strategies.