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Financial Modelling and Analysis

Paxon provides its clients with market leading skills and advice in the development of financial models and financial analysis for decision making.

Paxon’s financial modelling services assist our Government clients to accurately assess the financial implications of existing and potential business decisions and to assist in the development of an optimal business strategy.

The financial modelling techniques we have adopted are renowned for their technical accuracy, particularly in the prediction of project based financials.   These techniques include:

• Various Time-Based techniques such as NPV, IRR and MIRR;

•  Monte-Carlo analysis and simulation;

•  Scenario planning and analysis;

•  Simulation; and

•  Risk modelling.

Related services include the following:

• Project development and feasibility assessment;

• Project and product costing;

• Process costing and analysis;

• Transactional analysis; and

• Procurement decision assessment.