Financial Assessment of Counterparties | Paxon Group

Financial Assessment of Counterparties

Paxon has extensive professional expertise and capability in performing financial due diligence services for government.  Our personnel are appropriately qualified and have performed over 500 financial assessments in the last 5 years. We are skilled in financial modelling and high-valued financial assessments.

Our consultants clearly and succinctly communicate to non-finance professionals the key financial risks and issues, as well as any risk mitigation strategies to implement.

Our financial assessments are tailored to meet individual client’s needs and use a risk-based approach. This includes consideration of the assessed entity’s financial capacity to successfully fulfill the specific financial obligations, responsibilities and liabilities that arise as a result of the relationship with government.

Our financial assessments include, but are not limited to, examination of:

  • Corporate structure and contractual relationships between parties, including review of any subcontracting arrangements
  • Financial performance statement to identify trends in performance
  • Financial position statement, including adequacy of working capital in relation to the contractual obligations
  • Ratio analysis, including liquidity, solvency and profitability
  • Cashflow adequacy
  • Financial projections, including analysis of forecast financial performance, financial position and cashflow projections and underlying assumptions and inputs, and
  • Adequacy and credit worthiness of any funding sources, including cash reserves, capital raising, debt finance.

Paxon Group is pre-qualified on the NSW Financial Assessment Services Scheme and the WA CUA AFA2018 for Financial Assessment Services.