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Family Advisory

Paxon provides a complete set of financial re-engineering services to family businesses.

We are experienced in dealing with the complexities surrounding family businesses and understand the unique sensitivities that exist within individuals operating under this banner.  Our skills lie in enabling our clients to do such things as building the professionalism of the business, growing the family business and selling the family business.

We are focussed on assisting our clients to better plan their business strategies and consequently achieve their short and long term business goals and objectives.

Paxon can provide the following services:

• Building and developing the “professionalism” of the company;

• Developing and implementing management systems;

• Preparing growth strategies and related business development / planning;

• Advice on selling / restructuring the business, together with relevant exit strategies;

• Objective advice on family matters;

• Corporate tax planning;

• Remuneration planning and related tax guidance;

• Implementing corporate governance and attendance at directors’ meetings;

• Business improvement services:

  • Business modelling and analysis;
  • Budget and cash flow reviews;
  • Rate of return analysis and benchmarking; and
  • Strategic business planning;
  • Asset protection for individuals;
  • Asset accumulation for individuals; and
  • Taxation effective investment advice.