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Capital Structuring

Paxon’s Capital Management and Restructuring practice acts to provide new and growing Australian businesses with the capital and business support they require for successful growth.

Paxon seeks to be proactive in initiating investment and aims to assist business people and entrepreneurs in wealth and business creation through successful venture growth.

Paxon acts on all types of transactions, from as little as $250,000 to $50 million depending on the requirement and stage of the opportunity. We specialise in facilitating the following types of corporate investment:

• Pre-seed and seed;

• Early stage and start-up;

• Expansion capital;

• Leveraged buyouts; and

• Management buyouts.


Paxon provides a unique combination of capital structuring services to stimulate the growth of its clients.  These include:

• Growth strategy development;

• Capital strategy development;

• Funding options; and

• Investor attraction.